Brazilian Rose Collection (Deep Curl)

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Brazilian Rose Deep Curl Hair Collection – Hair has smaller curls that form a coil shape instead of a wave pattern. This Brazilian Rose Deep Curl Hair Collection gives you a natural curly hair look. Natural color dark brown to brown. Natural low luster and shine. Soft, smooth and bouncy curls. Curly hair will have some maintenance. Can be straightened, curled and colored. Professional coloring recommended.

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Brazilian Rose Deep Curl Hair Collection – Deep coil curls smartly weaved to give you an attractive look. This almost-afro hairdo carries the dark luster which fits women of the oriental ethnicity fine. On the off chance of giving it a different style, you can play with heat to straighten or curl them even more! If cared for properly, the human hair wigs last more than just a year. The wig application, too, is easy so you don’t have to waste time figuring it out.

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