Authentic Vietnamese 4×4 Lace Closures (Straight)

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Match your straight texture with this Vietnamese Straight Hair 4×4 Lace Closures for natural volume. Also, your real hair stays protected with their friendly-features. These sew-ins originally are of natural brown sticking to the typical shade in Vietnam. With great care, this 4×4 based closures are highly durable as well as reusable more than 2 years.
• Hair Color- Natural Brown
• Hair Luster- Low to Medium
• Base Size- 4×4
• Base Type- Lace

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Vietnamese Straight Hair 4×4 Lace Closures – Unprocessed raw virgin hair directly from Vietnam. Hair is from one donor’s head with aligned cuticles in one direction. Comes in natural brown similar to 1B. Very high quality, Silky smooth luxurious hair. This hair is known for its thickness and durability. It can be colored. Recommend professional coloring.


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