Authentic Indian Collection (Curly)

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Indian Curly Hair Collection – Raw unprocessed virgin hair directly from India. Hair from one donor’s head with aligned cuticles that run in the same direction. Comes in natural color dark brown to brown. This hair has more pronounced waves and curls. Soft and smooth full of bounce. Can be colored ,straightened and curled. Curls return after wetting or shampooing hair. Coloring recommended by professional. Blends well with many hair types and nationalities. Low maintenance. Minimal to no tangling or shedding. Can last up to 2 or more years with proper care and maintenance.

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Indian Curly Hair Collection – Right from a single donor, the lovely curls are absolutely tangle-free. The signature wet essence of the organic curls make your entire appearance attractive. Cuticles? Aligned! Heat? Color? Absolutely. They are professionally allowed for quality dyeing and straightening as well. Wash them keeping heavy intervals between uses. And a little attention towards its care can make it go a long way.

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