Bundle Deals – Natural Color (Body Wave)

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Natural Color Hair Body Wave – Hair has a loose wave curl usually in an “S” pattern. If you want something in between straight and curly texture, this hair is perfect. Natural color dark brown to brown. Hair is soft, smooth and natural with lots of bounce. Natural low luster and shine. It can be straightened, curled or colored. Professional coloring recommended.

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Keep it loose and subtle with natural color hair body wave! The structure of each strand forms an ‘S’ pattern defining an organic hair wave. The body waves come in a darker shade of brown. Wear them to feel the softness in your shoulders and your back! Straighten or curl them as you may if you want some modification, that is. Each of our collection of hair extensions stands through heat with the same luster. So, dye them a funky green or the bold steel, you choose!

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