Authentic Vietnamese 13×4 Lace Frontals (Curly)

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A lot of unprocessed hair directly from a Vietnamese donor has the organic luster you seek. Give definition to your hair with the Vietnamese Curly Hair 13×4 Lace Frontals as it merges with the hair extensions naturally. With proper attention and care, you can increase the longevity to more than just a couple of years. Want to dye it a different shade? Handpick professional colors only.

• Hair Color- Natural Brown
• Hair Luster- Low to Medium
• Base Size- 13×4
• Base Type- Lace

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Vietnamese Curly Hair 13×4 Lace Frontals – Unprocessed raw virgin hair directly from Vietnam. Hair is from one donor’s head with aligned cuticles that run in the same direction. Natural brown color similar to 1B. High quality hair. This hair is very strong, thick, smooth and durable. Can be straightened, curled and colored. Coloring recommended by professional.


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