How Much Do The Bundles Weigh ?

Bundles varies 3.5-4oz. Shorter bundles will appear larger and longer bundles will appear smaller because the weight of the hair is in the length of the longer strands of hair.

How Do You Measure The Bundles ?

Each hair type or texture is measured differently. Start measuring from the top of the weft to the ends of the bundle. Curly and Wavy textures are measured by pulling the hair straight. Hair bundles will not measure exact when it is still wrapped in its band, as tension can affect the fall of each strand.

Can The Hair Be Straightened Or Curled ?

Yes, treated the hair as your own. It can tolerate high heat, for increased versatility. Keep in mind, hair does not continue to get all the natural nutrients that it would if the hair was still growing on your head. Excessive heat can cause damage such as breakage and dryness. Milan Hair Collection recommend that you use a heat-protectant to protect against damages. We also recommend that you, co-wash hair for maintenance to replace loss of moisture from the hair from daily use. Using a sleeping cap at night or anytime youre sleeping will help reduce moisture loss and dryness.

What Color Is Natural ?

Natural color are the natural shades of the donorsnatural hair color. Usually ranges 1B to 2.

Can I Color My Hair ?

Any chemical processes should be done by a professional or at least consulted by one. This purchase is an investment for you and chemically altering the hair can possibly damage it.  Milan Hair Collection virgin hair can be dye or colored, please be cautious. If hair is chemically altered incorrectly, the cuticles can become damaged and overexposed causing brittleness, breakage, dryness, and tangles.

Does The Hair Shed ?

Minimal shedding is normal, just like shedding of your own natural hair. No hair is absolutely perfect without shedding. Anyone that states, their hair doesnt shed is using a sales pitch, and being dishonest with you. We use re-enforced machine weft to help reduce shedding. Remember, cutting or sewing through your wefts will weaken the wefts and increase shedding.

What Is Co-Washing

Co-washing is a conditioner washing. Conditioning is very important to maintaining your extensions and keeping them healthy. We recommend a co-wash once a week with a moisturizing conditioner to ensure your hair gets the nutrients and moisture it needs.

How Many Bundles Do I Need ?

To determining how many bundles to purchase depends on look and length of hair you are wanting. The longer hair the shorter the tracks/bundles, and vice versa the shorter the longer the tracks/bundles. The quantity of bundles varies on the look you are going for. Regular sew-ins 2-3 bundles. Full sew-ins 3-4 bundles. For 18”-22” bundles use 3-4 bundles, 24bundles or more use 4-5 bundles.

If a closure or frontal is used, then less bundles will be required to complete the sew-in. A closure or frontal hair piece is a great option to your install, because you will not have any hair left out. This is considered a full-protected style because none of your hair will be exposed, while offering versatility to your style.

What Are Lace Closures ?

Closures are hairpieces where strands of hair have been carefully attached to lace to resemble your natural scalp. The most popular size is 4×4 lace. It can be placed on the top or side to make sew-in or wig look more natural.

What Are Lace Frontals ?

Frontals are much larger than closures.  Our Frontals range from 13×4 to 13×5. Frontal give you more versatility than closures to part your hair. A sew-in can be done with 1 frontal and 2 bundles of hair. Frontal are excellent choice to conceal hair loss because coverage is from ear to ear along your natural hairline. Like Lace closures, lace frontals can be used to make lace front wigs.

Do You Offer Refunds Or Exchanges

For health and safety reasons, we do not offer any refund or exchanges. Items will only be permitted for exchange, if you were sent the wrong products in error, and it has not been opened or altered from its original packaging. Specific guidelines apply. Please contact us Milan Hair Collection LLC and we will be more than happy to assist you.

How Long Will The Hair Last ?

The duration of our hair depends on how well you take care of your extensions. With proper care, our virgin extensions can be reused and reinstalled and last up to 1 or more years. Our authentic virgin hair has the longest duration. Remember: Constant heat styling, coloring, and improper care will significantly alter the duration of the hair.

Can I Wash And Blow Dry My Extension ?

Yes. Its virgin human hair which means you can treat them as you would your own natural hair.

Can I Swim In My Hair Extensions ?

 Yes. You can swim in your hair extensions, we recommend putting hair in a ponytail or a bun to keep hair from tangling.